Conference 2021

Would you like to know how AI applications are used in real life scenarios?

Real Life Machine Learning 2021 is a free mini-conference for those who want to learn about how to apply AI solutions in different industries. Meet our three speakers from different industries. You will also be able to ask your own questions directly to the developers involved in creating these applications at the amazing panel debate.

This mini-conference is free for everyone to attend. This is by the community for the community.

Date: September 8th
Time: 5 pm – 8 pm CET


Stefan Mandaric

Senior Data Scientist at
Inmeta Consulting

Stefan fell in love with data while analysing terabytes of microscope images for his Master’s Degree. For the past six years he has been developing data- and ML products across startups and global companies.

Preventing in-hospital falls with AI technology

Patient falls are a common and dramatic complication of hospital care. More than a million hospitalised patients fall every year, with one-third of falls resulting in injury. Fall prevention efforts are complex and not always successful. Many existing solutions are too slow and prone to false alerts. Inmeta is developing a device for predicting hospital falls by utilising machine learning on multiple data streams. In this talk we will cover some of the technical and ethical aspects of designing AI systems for medical applications.

September 8. 2021
05.05 PM CET

Goran Vuksic

Technical Manager at Stratiteq
Microsoft AI MVP

He works as a Technical manager for Stratiteq, he is Microsoft AI MVP. He worked with notable clients like Forbes, The Next Web, NVIDIA, and so on. Goran is a tech enthusiast, he writes technical blog posts and often shares his knowledge on different workshops and talks.

Azure Percept in action

Azure Percept is a platform of hardware and services that simplifies use of Azure AI technologies on the edge. It works out of the box with Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Machine Learning, and other Azure services to deliver vision and audio insights in real time. In this session you will learn how to develop solutions with Azure Percept Development Kit.

September 8. 2021
05.55 PM CET

Peter Larsson

Head of Data & AI Nordics
@ Avanade

Entrepreneur and visionary business developer in both startup, research and large enterprise environments. He has gained experience from multiple industries (healthcare, retail, manufacturing, finance, public) in the field of Data & AI.

Real Life Examples of AI applications and how to do it right from the start

Historically very few AI pilots go from pilot to production, why is that and how can we increase the no of scalable AI applications? Through real-life examples of AI solutions, during this session you will have a chance to see best practice methods for such projects, and how to scale these from the start. You will also get an idea of how Avanade helps clients become more data driven through some exciting AI applications.

September 8. 2021
06.45 PM CET